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Get involved with plus15 

People all over the country are supporting plus15's efforts to improve learning, memory, and speech for people with DS.  Some are spreading the message person-to-person among their immediate circle; others are thinking big, mounting fundraisers and events.  Whatever your inclination, we welcome your efforts to do more for Down syndrome research.  Here are some ways you can get involved.

Spread awareness

Use our social media kit to let your friends know about Down syndrome cognition research.  We've put together some fast facts that are easy to post on Facebook, blogs, and Twitter for maximum impact among your online social circles.

Post about plus15 on your blog — or on ours!  Tell your readers why DS research is important to you and your family.  Describe what positive change you imagine with a 15 percent improvement in learning, memory, and speech.  Then share a link with us; we'd love to feature your story in our own outreach efforts.  We're also actively seeking guest posters for our blog — if you'd like to tell your story there, get in touch and we'll set it up.

Watch and share our video about what a 15 percent increase in cognitive ability could mean to someone with DS.

Make and share your own video, like these siblings did in our "One of Them Is My Sib" contest.

Tell 15 friends about DS research with a few simple keystrokes and clicks.

Get involved

Learn more about DS cognition research and the DSRTF.  You can sit in on our monthly webinars, subscribe to our monthly Newsflash, and attend events in your community.  And for more frequent updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Give $15.  Your easy online donation will support our scientists' vital research efforts.

Raise funds for Down syndrome research.  Need some ideas to get started?  We've put together a list of suggestions, from small-scale to large, of ways you can make a difference.

Donate your time as a volunteer.  If you have the time, energy, and passion for supporting our scientists, we want to hear about it!