Down Syndrome in the News

DSRTF Responds: The Death of Robert Ethan Saylor
April 2013

Jon's Worms- Could microscopic worms be the key to identifying which genes cause problems in people with Down syndrome?

September 2011

A Drug for Down Syndrome- A New York Times Magazine article

July 2011

Research Focused on Sleep Impairment and Its Relation to Cognitive Function in Down Syndrome

June 2011

DSRTF Holds Fifth Annual New York City Area Romp for Research

October 2010

A Swing for Hope Makes a Difference for Down Syndrome Cognition Research

October 2010

Groundbreaking New Down Syndrome-Specific Cognitive Test Battery Developed to Enable New Clinical Trials and Advanced Research

August 2010

Reducing Alzheimer's-Related Protein in Young Brains Improves Learning in Down Syndrome Animal Model

June 2010

Interview with DSRTF-funded researcher Bill Mobley of UCSD

June 2010

A Protein Links Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome

May 20, 2010

Participants Sought for University of Arizona Cognition Studies

April 2010

Down Syndrome Research at the NIH Presentation

January 21, 2010

DSRTF Grant Award Recipients Discover a New Potential Therapeutic Strategy to New Potential Therapeutic Strategy Improve Cognition in Down Syndrome

November 2009

DSRTF-funded Study Suggests a New Potential Therapeutic Approach for Cognitive Disabilities in People with Down Syndrome

November 2009


Genetic Role Discovered for Lower Incidence of Solid Tumors Cancers in Down Syndrome



January 2008


Drug Used to Treat Dementia in Alzheimer’s Disease Reported to Improve Memory in a Mouse Model of Down Syndrome


August 21, 2007




Fragile X, Down Syndromes Linked to Faulty Brain Communication, Stanford Researcher Finds

Apr 10 2007

Pharmacotherapy for Cognitive Impairment in a Mouse Model of Down Syndrome

February 25, 2007 

An Extra Copy of the App Gene Causes Degeneration of Brain Cells in a Down Syndrome Mouse Model

July 2006

Increased App Expression in a Mouse Model of Down's Syndrome Disrupts NGF Transport and Causes Cholinergic Neuron Degeneration

July 2006

Research stirs hope on Down syndrome

July 2006

Stanford’s Down Syndrome Breakthrough

July 2006

Piracetam and  Down Syndrome

May 2006 

Mouse Model Systems for Studying Down Syndrome


Debating DS Research – Families Want Work to provide Direct Benefits to Those with the Condition

September 6, 2005

Tennessee Dad Pushes Mice for Down Syndrome Research

March 14, 2005 -

Two Middle School Students Start Adopt-a-Mouse of Northern Virginia

February 1, 2005

Wachovia Foundation Becomes DSRTF's First Corporate Sponsor

January 15, 2005

NINDS Schedules Down Syndrome Research Meeting

January 12, 2005

NBC Reports on Adopt-a-Mouse Effort in Houston

January 7, 2005

Dr. William Mobley Testifies before House Appropriations Subcommittee

March 30, 2004

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